What are we doing here?

In recent days, advertising for a company called Victor NeuroTech has begun to pop up everywhere.  This company, about which disturbingly little public information is available, is hawking what they call functional body art. That’s fancy marketing b.s. for implanted technology. Imagine someone surgically implanting your smartphone into your body and you get the idea.



Look, we’re not a bunch of Luddites here. We like our smartphones as much as the next person, but we have no desire to become one with them. And that’s the least of what the Victor NeuroTechs of the world have on their agenda. Broadcasting your dreams to YouTube. Backing up your brain to Second Life. Stopping cellular aging. Eradicating death. Head transplants. No, seriously. Check out this article straight out of their Flipboard (it’s an e-zine thing).

Look beyond all this “hey isn’t this cool?” packaging and the questions and concerns quickly mount. Where’s the long-term studies that our bodies can even tolerate this stuff? And don’t even get us started on privacy issues. Or the impact on the planet when death — or what is referred to as the “murder of nature” in this must-see video from the 2045 initiative — is suddenly eradicated.

This is not science fiction. Or just the bizarre rantings of a few that can be chuckled at between our Netflix marathons. Companies like Victor NeuroTech are barreling forward at breakneck speed waving the banner of natural human progression all the while. There’s even a guy running for President of the United States on a transhumanist platform. We need to apply the brakes. Now.

SAViN to the rescue!


Photo credit: Scott Kovacs

That’s where SAViN comes in. We started as a group of Lafayette College students, but quickly discovered that there were a whole lot of professors, professionals and other every day people who were feeling the same way. We have joined together to help repel the advances of the Victor NeuroTechs of the worlds and their plans to transform us all into cyber-frankensteins.

So, hopefully about now you’re asking what can I do?


2 thoughts on “What are we doing here?

  1. At first I thought all this uploading of languages, health monitoring, memory enhancement stuff was a great benefit. Now, I think the Bio-Cons* are right! All of this should be stopped! We are evolving into machines!

    *Bio-Cons =”Biological Conservatives”


  2. They are building a buzz around their product. It will have to go through decades of testing before it gets approved for mass distribution.

    It’s about choice. Something which YOU or anyone else, has zero right to take away from someone. If someone wants to go out and become a cyborg that is their CHOICE. If you try and take that away, then it becomes a point of what the majority wants, and that is a slippery slope. Maybe right now the vast majority doesn’t want it around. But what about in the future, when perhaps the vast majority does. Do you want them telling you that you now HAVE to have this sort of thing. Let people have a choice, and all is well. Don’t get all huffed up about something that is really quite a ways out from being relevant.


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